SPhA 35, 2023

David E. Runia, Gregory T. Sterling (2023), The Studia Philonica Annual XXXV. Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, SBL Press

17 noviembre, 2023

Runia, D. E., Sterling, G. T. (2023). The Studia Philonica Annual XXXV. Studies in Hellenistic Judaism. Atlanta: SBL Press.

Fuente: https://cart.sbl-site.org/books/062235C

David T. RuniaNaming Philo of Alexandria’s Exposition of the Law 
Tatjana AleknienĖCaïn et Abel dans l’œuvre de Philon d’Alexandrie:
Arrière-plan Platonicien 

Sami Yli-Karjanmaa, Individualism, Universalism, and Mysticism:
Observations on Philo’s Views of Virtue
Dexter BrownHow Did the Israelites Get Their Weapons? An Overlooked
Solution to a Famous Literary Zetema in Philo’s Life of Moses
Jesse MirotznikPhilo’s Literary Use of the Apologoi 
Erkki KoskenniemiPhilo and Rome: A Dramatic Change in His

Annewies van den HoekIntroduction 
Anne Boiché“Distinguishing Differences between Things”:
On Philo’s Method in De Cherubim
Olivier MunnichLa Cohérence du De cherubim: La Notion

Michael B. CoverThe Poetics of Association: Secondary and Tertiary
Texts in the Thematic Development of Philo’s De Cherubim
Justin M. Rogers, A Little Cain in All of Us: De Cherubim and the Character
of Cain 

Sean A. AdamsPhilo of Alexandria on the Difference between
Philosophers and Sophists
David T. Runia, Yury Arzhanov, and Alexander Treiger,
References to Philo of Alexandria in Greek, Latin, Syriac, and Arabic
Literature up to 1500 CE

D. T. Runia, M. Alesso, E. Birnbaum, A. C. Geljon, H. M. Keizer,
J. Leonhardt-Balzer, O. Munnich, M. R. Niehoff, J. M. Rogers,
S. Yli-Karjanmaa, Philo of Alexandria: An Annotated

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