G. E. Sterling (2021), “Philo of Alexandria on the Obligations of Wealth”, Journal for the Study of the New Testament

8 octubre, 2021

Sterling, G. E. (2021). “Philo of Alexandria on the Obligations of Wealth”. Journal for the Study of the New Testament, DOI:


“The views of Philo of Alexandria on wealth have been a source of controversy between those who argue that Philo was at times critical of wealth and those who contend that these criticisms were not of wealth but of the dangers posed by wealth. This article evaluates Philo’s position first by examining the evidence for his own wealth and then by considering two sets of texts from the Exposition of the Law: one set that interprets the biblical prohibitions against interest on loans (Spec. 2.74-78; Virt. 82-87) and another that evaluates the use of wealth (Spec. 2.16-23). The former set of texts are evaluated against the realia of Jewish loan practices in Egypt, while the second set is evaluated against Philo’s own family situation. The conclusion is that Philo was not critical of wealth per se, but of the misuse of wealth and the neglect of the poor” (Fuente: